Should My Aging Mother Consider Moving Closer to Me?

You’re raising a family in the Midwest, but your elderly mother lives in the same southeastern Massachusetts home that she’s lived in for over 50 years. But mom’s health is declining, and you’re concerned. With your own household and career, it’s hard to visit; let alone provide the care she needs to keep her aging comfortably in place. Long-distance caregiving is very difficult, so wouldn’t it make more sense for mom to consider moving closer?

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Senior Home Care Agency

Choosing a senior home care agency to take care of your aging family member can be intimidating. With all the choices out there, you want your elderly loved one to get the best care possible so as to continue aging in place at home. To assist your efforts, here are several questions to consider based on advice from home care industry insiders.

5 Surprising Ways for Seniors to Stay Active

Many people have heard the messages that engaged minds and muscles help us stay healthy as we age. Some people talk about things that interfere with being active. Your mother worries about safety, indoors and out. Your father says he can’t afford the expense of a gym membership. You listen and reflect on how good [...]

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