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5 Nutritious High-Calorie Foods for Seniors with Loss of Appetite

Millions of aging in place older Americans don’t get the daily nutrition their bodies so desperately need to stay healthy. And, one of the main reasons why is a loss of appetite. Unfortunately for many “appetite-challenged” at-home seniors, not taking in enough nutrients eventually starts threatening their freedom and independence.

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Tips for Caring for a Senior with Diabetes

Roughly one-fourth of the U.S. population has diabetes, including millions of Americans aged 65-and-over. Although there’s no cure, a senior with diabetes can still enjoy a good quality-of-life through diet, exercise and medications. But if their diabetes isn’t managed, it can cause more serious health conditions like heart problems, kidney failure and blindness.

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Quick, Easy and Nutritious Meals for Seniors

Many at-home seniors simply lose interest in grocery shopping and meal preparation, and for others the prospect of eating alone just isn’t appetizing. When providing care for an aging in place loved one, it’s oftentimes a struggle to prepare them a healthy meal after your workday is over. What follows are several nutritious meals for seniors you can use that will also save you some valuable time.

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