Ways for Seniors to Improve Their Balance

Maintaining healthy body balance is one of the most important tasks for people of any age, but this is especially true for seniors. Often, we ignore balance problems, assuming that it is just a part of growing older. But balance difficulties can cause a wide variety of issues, one of the most dangerous being an increased risk of falling. But thankfully, there are ways to keep yourself or your family member well-balanced and out of an elderly home. Really, all it takes is a little exercise and self-care.

How to Prepare for “The Talk” About Senior Home Care

While growing up our parents were there to give us loving advice geared towards making smart decisions. Some of those conversations were difficult, and the choices hard. Now the roles are reversed, and you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to discuss senior home care with your aging parents. You’ve noticed lately that [...]

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