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Can Yoga Benefit Seniors and Keep Them Active and Independent?

More and more older Americans are choosing to independently age in place at home every year, including many who are well into their 70s and 80s. One way that this empowered generation of seniors is staying more physically active and independent is by exercising. If you’re currently caring for an aging in place senior who needs more exercise, have you considered introducing them to Yoga?

How to Overcome a Fear of Falling in Seniors

Many elderly Americans live with a fear of falling, and for good reason. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), during an average year 2.8 million seniors are injured in falls, resulting in 800,000 hospitalizations and over 27,000 fatalities. Furthermore, the CDC reports that the annual likelihood of an elderly person sustaining a serious fall, at home or elsewhere, is 1 in 3.

Assisting an Aging Parent with Hearing Loss

Roughly 50 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, and for those aged 60-plus it’s one in three. When you’re taking care of an elderly parent with diminished hearing who’s living alone, it can be frustrating for you both. And as their hearing loss progresses, even if they won’t admit it, those sensory difficulties can compromise mom or dad’s ability to safely age in place at home.

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Ways for Seniors to Improve Their Balance

Maintaining healthy body balance is one of the most important tasks for people of any age, but this is especially true for seniors. Often, we ignore balance problems, assuming that it is just a part of growing older. But balance difficulties can cause a wide variety of issues, one of the most dangerous being an increased risk of falling. But thankfully, there are ways to keep yourself or your family member well-balanced and out of an elderly home. Really, all it takes is a little exercise and self-care.

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