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Signs Your Parents Will Be Able to Age in Place

The truth is that most seniors that age in place will eventually reach a point when diminishing health becomes an issue, impacting their ability to stay at home. And because of pride and the fact they enjoy their privacy and independence, most seniors don’t want to discuss the topic with their kids. What you can do is non-intrusively watch their activities to ensure they can continue living comfortably and safely at home for now.

When a Sibling Rivalry Interferes with Caregiving

Sibling rivalry can leave middle-aged brothers and sisters fighting over their parents’ care and who will be responsible for what. Although some disagreements are to be expected, when sibling rivalries begin to interfere with care the issue should be addressed right away.

Aging in Place – Preparing Your Parents’ Home

Aging in place means that a person can live in the space where they are most comfortable without losing out on quality of life. The benefits of this choice can be long-lasting and include more independence, increased comfortability, and money saved. Still, some preparations must occur for aging in place to be beneficial.

How to Prepare for “The Talk” About Senior Home Care

While growing up our parents were there to give us loving advice geared towards making smart decisions. Some of those conversations were difficult, and the choices hard. Now the roles are reversed, and you find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to discuss senior home care with your aging parents. You’ve noticed lately that [...]

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